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IT Support

Business Onsite & Remote IT Support across the Tidewater Region.

Technology is an important factor in how efficiently & effectively your entire organization can perform. When you need Onsite & Remote IT support, timing becomes critical.

We ensure our support is swift so that you experience minimal disruption to your work environment.

There are two broad approaches to assist you:

  1. On Demand Support where you pay-as-you-go for support only when you need it. This is ideal for small organizations that may require occasional IT support for emergencies or ad-hoc requests. You can also use this service if you have an existing IT team but need that extra hand during busy times.
  2. Flexible IT Support for an affordable fixed monthly fee with no need to worry about hidden costs. This is more suited for medium to larger organizations who may require regular IT support.

We understand that every organization is unique and will require different types of IT support. For this reason, we offer a comprehensive range of IT support packages.

Remote & Onsite IT Support

Our goal is to support your business when you need us, whether its via phone, online or working side-by-side with you.

Remote IT Support

Many IT problems can be resolved using remote support tools. This saves you time and money, getting you back up and running as quickly as possible.

On-Site IT Support

Sometimes IT problems can’t be resolved over the phone or remotely. That’s when IT Business Solutions provides hands-on IT troubleshooting, advice and support.

Whatever your IT support needs – we cover everything from installing anti-virus and anti-spam software to providing courteous help desk assistance. We resolve your IT issues to help you focus more on your business and less on technology issues.

IT Network Audit

Performing an IT audit is important to ensuring you have a stable, efficient and successful IT infrastructure. Your IT systems are in place to power your business and to support your company to achieve success. We can perform an IT audit that will give your business an in-depth analysis of your IT environment and provide insight into what may need to be improved upon.

The primary objectives of an IT audit include:

  • Evaluate the systems and processes in place that secure company data.
  • Determine risks to a company’s information assets, and help identify methods to minimize those risks.
  • Determine inefficiencies in IT systems and associated management.

What we also do:

  • We evaluate your existing hardware, software and infrastructure to determine what you have, what you need, and your potential upgrade and replacement strategy roadmap.
  • Understand and document your IT network & strategy.
  • Understand the strategic direction of your organization and where IT can support your strategy.

Information and IT Network Security

With all the vital personal and business data being shared on computer networks every day, security and cyber-security has become a critical part of computer use and networking.

There is no single method to fully safeguard networks against intrusion. Network security technology is constantly evolving & improving as the methods for both attack and defense grow more sophisticated.

We have experience supporting small business IT services and can assist you with securing your network and procedures.

  • Data and network security is about identifying & managing a level of acceptable risk.
  • Looking at how you perform tasks on your computers to ensure on-site data is secure against both internal risk (e.g. accidental or intentional deletion, access limited to those who require it), and external risks (i.e. intrusion prevention, virus, malware, spyware, ransomware).
  • Firewall implementation.
  • As part of this service, we offer Vulnerability Scans and Penetration Testing of your IT infrastructure.

Data Backup & Recovery Solutions

The #1 question to ask yourself: “Can my business continue to function without my critical data, applications and operations?”

It is essential that you have a reliable data backup solution to safeguard your important information – as well as a tested and proven plan for recovering from a system failure. An attacker could crash a computer’s operating system or data may be corrupted or wiped out by a hardware problem. Computers can be lost, stolen, or destroyed in a fire or other catastrophe.

  • Every business with computers is susceptible to an IT disaster, and the best way to minimize the disruption is to put in place a well-designed and tested data backup & recovery plan to achieve a rapid recovery.
  • We install On-site and off-site (Cloud) backup solutions that are regularly tested, to assist with disaster recovery (DR).

Computer Networking

As companies expand, the need to share resources across computers grows.

We can set up a new network for you, or expand an existing network, combining various network devices that comprise of modern networks; such as wifi & point-to-point bridging.

  • Connecting wired and wireless devices such as routers, printers, notebooks, switches, wifi access points, desktops, etc. within a Local Area Network (LAN).
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) setup.
  • We can build and support wi-fi, cabled networks and Wide Area Networks (WAN’s).

IT Project Management

Many IT projects stall or fail because they are planned and implemented in an ad-hoc manner by business owners or staff who lack the time, skills and knowledge.

Consequently, implementation tends to be time-consuming and costly, often with a high failure rate.

We can also deal with the hardware and software vendors and “speak geek” on your behalf.

  • Analyzing new project requirements, developing specifications, liaising with vendors, suppliers, etc. and on-going project management in order to get an IT project out of the starting blocks and across the finish line.
  • Providing and/or complementing the IT resource that is either absent or over-extended in your business.

Atlantic IT Services offers outstanding business IT support services to small and medium sized companies throughout the Tidewater region. We also provide managed IT services as well as business cloud migration and Hardware & Software Procurement services.

Hardware & Software Procurement

Do you need help and advice on the most suitable hardware and software for your business needs?

Evaluating and procuring hardware and software can be a time-consuming process. Without vendor knowledge, the process can also be both bewildering and expensive. Because IT is a cornerstone of the modern organization, procuring the wrong or incorrectly suited hardware and software can have a disastrous result.

At Atlantic IT Services, we have the knowledge and skills necessary to complete this work for you. We also have established vendor relationships and can pass on the discounts that you may not otherwise receive.

We will take the time to understand your business requirements and determine the right licensing agreements and hardware for both your current and future needs.

We will take care of the procurement process, see you through the implementation and assist with the retirement and responsible disposal of any old hardware, providing an end-to-end management service.

Depending on your requirements, the value of IT investment can be potentially daunting. Therefore, we can facilitate IT leasing solutions that give you a practical and cost-effective way to keep cash in your business whilst getting the equipment you need to help your business grow.

Atlantic IT Services Procurement Services include:

  • IT needs analysis / Network Audit
  • Server procurement and set-up
  • Facilitating suitable IT leasing arrangements
  • Desktop procurement and set-up
  • Software licensing
  • Responsible disposal of retired hardware

We understand that every organization is different and do not apply a one-size-fits-all approach. For this reason we customize solutions to your requirements.

IT Hardware Management

Do you need help and advice untangling the unorganized mess of network devices?

As companies grow over time and I.T. devices are added, it is common for servers, routers, switches, patch panels, UPS’s (Uninterrupted Power Supplies) and other devices & components critical to your network to pile up unprotected in a dusty office corner, closet or back room.

When problems occur and devices fail, as they inevitably will because of dust, age and damage, or they simply require upgrading – unraveling the tangle of devices and cables is time consuming. This can be costly for you as staff may be unable to work in the meantime.

Reorganizing, ordering and documenting the infrastructure, and where appropriate – installing the equipment in an appropriate secure cabinet not only helps protect and prolong the life of essential network devices, support costs are reduced when equipment moves, adds or changes are made.

At Atlantic IT Services, we have the knowledge and skills necessary to complete this work for you.

Atlantic IT Services Infrastructure Management Services include:

  • Unraveling the ‘spaghetti junction’ mess of devices…!
  • Physically cleaning devices
  • Installation of essential networking equipment in a protected cabinet
  • Cable labeling
  • Cabinet documentation – documenting cabling
  • Responsible disposal of retired hardware

We understand that every organization is different and do not apply a one-size-fits-all approach. For this reason we customize solutions to your requirements.

Windows 7 End of Life

  • No more security updates from Microsoft
  • No more technical support from Microsoft
  • No more updates from Microsoft

After many years of good service, support for Microsoft Windows 7 has come to an end.

It is no longer safe to continue using Windows 7 on an internet-accessible computer.

Atlantic IT Services can manage your upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 – the latest and most secure Microsoft desktop computer operating system.

We offer an initial $65.00  assessment fee to meet with you and assess your computer. You are then provided with an ‘Upgrade to Windows 10’ plan. The initial assessment fee is credited back to you when you proceed with the upgrade plan.

For people comfortable and familiar with Windows 7, we can upgrade you to Windows 10 and make it look and feel similar to Windows 7.

IT Review

We offer an initial 1 hour review to meet with you and review your IT services & support.

Following the review, I will provide you a proposal outlining recommendations & pricing.

This free review can be done over the phone, via Zoom or Skype, or a visit to your site. Just let me know your preference.


  • Are you concerned you may be paying too much to your current IT provider?
  • Would you prefer LOCAL IT support?

Coming out of the lock down, is it time to review your IT services and support, to ensure you are not overspending and the level of support is fit-for-purpose?

As a ’boutique’ IT provider, we do not have the high overhead costs that are typically passed on to you by the larger IT providers.

Atlantic IT Services can reduce your IT spend and manage your IT services & support for you. We’re based in Virginia Beach and specialize in supporting smaller businesses.

Use the button below to make a review booking, or the Contact form at the bottom of the page.

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